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Dining Diva are able to offer you a wide range of professional janitorial cleaning products, many of which are colour coded to follow the hygiene guidelines. Within our Janitorial Signage Section you will find a range of Mops. Buckets, Brushes, Bins, Service Trolleys, Health & Safety Signs First Aid Kits, and Dishwasher Racks.

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This section includes: Brute Containers, Waste Container, Bronco Waste Container, Fold & Go Cart, Glass Rack, Dishwash Rack, Cutlery Rack, Dolly, Gloves, First Aid, Plasters, Eyewash, Goggles, Wipes, Crockery & Glass Chemicals, Detergent, Rinseaid, Machine Dishwashing, Sanitiser, Pipeline Cleaner, Descaler, Degreaser, Oven Cleaner, Washing Up Liquid, Multi – Purpose, Laundry, Diversey, Chemisphere, Arpal, RP Adam, Maxima, Catering Essentials, Cif, Evans, Jeyes, P&G, Optimax, SmartDose, Suma, Polish, Disinfectant, Bleach, Washroom, Toilet, Spray, Cloth, Duster, Sponge, Tea Towel, Scourer, PurActive, Washing Up Brush, Soap Pads, Gloves, Aerosol, Elsyl Range, Complimentary Items, Health & Spa, 
Persona Hygiene, Baby Changers, Sack Holder, Bin, Mop, Bucket, Wet Floor Sign, Safety Cone, Brush, Gripper, Spray Bottle, Mop Bucket, Handle, Dustpan & brush, Broom, Safety Accessories Lobby Brush, Ribert Scott, Rubbermaid, SYR, Contico, Vileda, Dust Control, Hand Hygiene, Washroom Soap, Hand Soap Dispenser, Toilet Roll Dispenser, Barrier System, Wall Mounted Ashtray, Ashtray, Stainless steel Bucket, Pedal bin, Sack holder, Waste Contianer, Tea towel, Glass Cloth, Peek Polish, Scourer, Oven Brush, Grill Brick, Bowl Rack, Plate Rack, Cutlery rack, Glass Rack, Dolly, Bus Box, carry Caddy.